February 1st, 2021

Announcing our new Senior Associates

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As the firm kicks off its 25th year, we are delighted to recognize the promotion of five new Senior Associates: Kevin Van Hartingsveldt, Liam Brown, Christina Karney, Mary Georgious and Laura Sears.

“The range of skills embodied by our five new Senior Associates is representative of our integrated, multi-disciplinary approach. This is the key to our vision – advancing sustainable design intelligence.” Joanne McCallum, Executive Director

Kevin is an architectural project manager, contract administrator, healthcare specialist and sustainable design whose attention to detail is enviable. With precision, he has provided management on some of the largest and most complex phased designs, from healthcare to post secondary, including the RAIC Award Winning The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation at Mohawk College. Through the development of firm processes and implementation of new software in the past few years, he’s been helping the rest of us be as organized as he is.

Liam has completed more than 3 million square feet of specialized laboratory design in the past five years. Having completed courses from Harvard on the topic, and now acting Board Member for Sustainable Laboratory Canada (SL Can), he is mentoring others within the team, developing their passion for this innovative niche.

Christina, known for her heritage specialty and as Chair of the Hamilton Burlington Society of Architects, has worked with clients on some of the firm’s most recognizable, award-winning designs. Her passion for continuous learning has translated into her leadership of the firm’s professional development initiatives and the development of a new design manual. Everyday, she inspires others around her to keep improving.

Mary is the lead of our mechanical engineering team, with specialties in sustainable, healthcare, laboratory and industrial design. In addition, she is expanding into a business development role, helping to lead the firm’s ambitious business development strategy including energy modelling.

Laura’s background is in journalism, so it’s no surprise that her ability to ask hard questions has been instrumental to our team’s ability to compete against some of the country’s top firm’s in our RFP responses. When combined with her Master’s in Business Administration, Laura continues to help develop the firm’s business development, marketing and communications strategy.

Join us in congratulating our new Senior Associates!