March 8th, 2023

Celebrating The Women Of mcCallumSather

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Joanne McCallum, co-founder, and Michelle Austin were colleagues when the concept of mcCallumSather began to form well over 27 years ago. While architecture, engineering and construction remain male dominated industries, at the time they set out to build this team that gap was even more pronounced. 

Today, we reflect on the ecosystem they’ve shaped within mcCallumSather. The team includes a network of women at all levels of the organization and an environment where women have access to mentorship, guidance, and the support of their peers. 

The women on this team are leaders in sustainable design; continue breaking barriers as women in the architecture and engineering field; and mentors/leaders within their communities.  

This year’s theme is #EmbracingEquity. Therefore, we start by recognizing each woman who is an essential part of this team: 

Pictured above: 

  • Joanne McCallum – Executive Director
  • Michelle Austin – Managing Principal, Operations
  • Heather Gordon – Managing Principal, Finance
  • Liz Gabaldo – Associate, Interior Design Lead
  • Kanika Kaushal – Senior Heritage Professional, Project Manager 
  • Meagan Muirhead – Senior Architect
  • Natalie Fasan – Senior Designer
  • Laura Borelli – Interior Designer
  • Chelsea Carcone – Technologist 
  • Amanda Corbett – Interior Designer
  • Alysha Zamanuel – Proposal Manager
  • Laura Sears – Senior Associate, Marketing Lead
  • Pattie Wickens – Executive Assistant

Missing on photo day for important family and client commitments, we recognize: 

  • Mary Georgious – Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineering Lead
  • Maryluz Velasco – Senior Sustainability Advisor
  • Sandra Cabral – Human Resources
  • Nicole Kerber – Technologist
  • Karin Samuel – Senior Project Accountant
  • Kseniia Kudriavtceva – Designer (Mechanical) 
  • Heather Brown – Urban Designer & Researcher