June 26th, 2019

Drew Hauser inducted into the RAIC College of Fellows

Posted in: Lectures + Events

Congratulations to our director, Drew Hauser, for his admission to the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s College of Fellows!

The mission of the College of Fellows is to strengthen and reinforce efforts of the Royal Architectural Institute in its endeavour to enhance and develop the profession of architecture.

Drew’s passion for architecture and community is unmatched. His creative energy shapes not only that of the design, but how that space connects with the community, its business outcomes and its future partnerships. Being widely recognized for his fierce ability to advocate for his clients’ vision, his drive has initiated unique projects and award-winning designs.

Drew has built a diverse body of work, from specialties in heritage design to laboratory environments, all are a direct outcome of Drew’s unrelenting creativity. This drive is evident in projects including the McMaster Institute for Music & the Mind, a one-of-a-kind and world leading research facility, 541 Eatery & Exchange, a socially conscious café in a heritage building or the recent transformation of the MacNaughton Building Chemistry Wing on the University of Guelph Campus.

The College of Fellows formally recognizes members and distinguished persons who have made outstanding contributions to the profession. Fellowship is bestowed in recognition of achievements of excellence in architecture based on design excellence represented by past awards, outstanding scholarly contribution represented by research, publications and education or distinguished service to the profession or the community. 

For further information on Drew’s work here.