June 30th, 2014

Dundas Museum & Archives: A Museum Runs Through It

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Dundas has many centuries packed under its greenbelt, carved into the laugh lines on its rock face, and circulating through the veins of its human history. There are some 200 years on the tread of its name alone — it became known as Dundas in 1814. Exponentially more years than that are behind its formation as a beautiful valley accent on the geography of the area.

It’s a small town, big with history, a history continually being infused with freshness and vitality by the good people at Dundas Museum and Archives. It’s their business to scour that history, all those years, identify highlights and patterns and communicate the past to the present and future. But I’m not sure they’ll find a year in all that time that has been so gratifying, from a historical perspective, as the past 12 months.

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