Better together.

No one person has the authority to make good design decisions. We recognize that great ideas come from all members of our staff, our clients, consultants, contractors and the broader community. As an integrated firm, we come to each project with a deep respect for the value of the voices around the table. 

Integrated Design Process

For over 20 years we have adopted an Integrated Design Process, replacing a traditional linear approach to design. It leads to more thoughtful, cost-effective and sustainable solutions so critical to our clients’ success. Our recent involvement with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams push this even further, building on our collaborative experience and understanding of LEAN processes and Big Room design. 

From our office design to our company culture, an integrated, inclusive approach is at the core of our success and of the projects we design. We are constantly learning from one another, growing our skill sets together and pushing our designs further as a result. This makes us stronger as a team, and better teammates. We often work independently of each other, acting as part of teams with other architectural and design firms. We embrace this chance to expand our experience and add value. 

Integrated Design Services

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