March 26th, 2020

mcCallumSather’s Response to COVID-19

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At mcCallumSather, the wellbeing of our staff, clients, and community is of the utmost importance. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have closed our physical offices and our staff are working remotely.

Having invested in virtual technologies, we are familiar with this process and in a fortunate position which has allowed us to quickly adapt. We commit to continuing to advance projects in a timely manner.

We bring strong leadership through this time with the consistent presence of our CEO and senior leadership team who are here to help answer any questions you may have. We are happy to arrange for additional project management support or technical services at a time when your team may need increased support.

We commit to collaborating with our partners to ensure we achieve a safe environment for all. Should you require assistance from our team please contact

We want to thank everyone for their cooperation, teamwork, and creativity during this time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How can I contact a member of staff?

Team members continue to be contactable via email and phone. We are also utilizing video conferencing and have the flexibility to use Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting and Zoom. If clients need assistance with setting up or trialing any of these platforms, we are happy to assist in whatever way we can to ensure a smooth transition and effective communication.

  • What does this mean for projects? How can we ensure projects continue to advance? 

Having invested in virtual technologies, we are in a fortunate position that allows us to commit to advancing projects in a timely manner. We are fully capable of completing all stages of design remotely and we have the capacity to continue pursuing work.

Project Managers will be in regular contact to ensure the daily workflow of projects will not be affected. Meetings will be conducted via telephone or video conferencing during this period.

  • Will the schedule of my project be affected?

Due to our investment in digital technologies, we are in a position to complete and deliver all stages of the design process up to CD. This is an unprecedented time and we are closely monitoring health and safety guidelines. There are some adjustments to timelines based on new processes by local authorities that are being reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • Are you still completing field review?

Based on government guidelines most construction projects have been allowed to continue. Construction administration will continue in line with government guidelines. Field visits, where deemed necessary for professional liability reasons and to review for OBC requirements, will continue with the proper safety protocols in place. Site meetings will utilize video conferencing to replace face to face meetings if appropriate.

  • Are you still completing site audits or site review for new projects? 

We are taking precautions with site audits and site review using the proper equipment to ensure safety in response to COVID 19. We will review sites maintaining a 2-metre distance from others which is simple to accommodate in non-occupied buildings. We will assess on a case by case basis for any building that has occupants.