Liz Gabaldo

Senior Associate, Interior Design Lead

B.I.D. (Hons)

In her career spanning over 35 years, Liz Gabaldo, Associate with mcCallumSather, has earned widespread recognition for her exceptional talent in crafting beautiful interiors that distinctly capture the unique identities of her clients. Liz’s approach is marked by tailored precision, ensuring that her designs resonate on a deeply personal level. Her keen ability to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally aligned underscores her reputation for creative problem-solving.

Whether shaping brand identities for workspace, commercial, and retail sectors or curating reflections of families within single-family homes, Liz’s designs seamlessly become an embodiment of the way her clients live, work, and play.


Interior Design


Homes & Interior Design Lookbook


Diploma, Interior Design, Humber College