Kincardine, ON

776 Princes Street

Once home to prominent families in the manufacturing industry, 776 Princes Street is a heritage home in Kincardine, Ontario and a personal passion project from our Director and pioneer of mcCallumSather’s heritage team, Drew Hauser. Our team worked with Drew to bring this heritage designated home, built in 1875, back to its original grandeur, completing millwork and interior renovations in addition to the replacement of its slate roof.

When Drew and his family first bought the house, there was a lot of damage. Having been abandoned for several years, the kitchen was beyond repair, there were various broken windows and a pink carpeted bathroom on the third floor. The home’s building envelope was not up to date, which jeopardized both energy savings and comfort. Several elements of the home needed to be modernized, including its plumbing, fixtures and bathrooms.

Over the summer months, we began to replace the windows and millwork, and to install its new slate roof.  Reviving this Italianate style heritage property brought a real sense of accomplishment to the owners and demonstrated their ability to be good stewards to Kincardine’s heritage sector.

With an understanding that the renovation of historic properties often come with a fair share of drama, the biggest challenge in the renovation was its size. The owners developed a plan to renovate in phases in order to live in the home during this process.


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