Oakville, ON

Appleby College Master Plan


Appleby College was founded in 1911 on a 60-acre campus in Oakville. As it began a new master plan for its campus, Appleby College recognized that good buildings don’t just happen, but rather come from strategic planning and the cooperative effort that consider multiple perspectives. An important aspect of this plan was to preserve and protect its heritage qualities, coupled with the best of modern facilities to support its experiential learning philosophy.


The report included a framework for decision making including parking, access, validations/review of all existing buildings and phased long-term approach to development on the site. Specifically, the master plan identified the need for repair/replacement of turf fields, protection of the heritage aspects (size/scale) of buildings on the site, continuation of rich landscape tradition, connecting buildings on the campus, review of certain building uses (existing barn, existing pool) and potential for repurposing and the ultimate development of a comprehensive program for a future athletics facility (double and triple gym).