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Appleby College Master Plan

In 2014, Appleby College undertook an exciting 50 year master plan exercise. In the process, it recognized that good buildings don’t just happen, but come from strategic planning and the cooperative efforts between the architect, client, and stakeholders.

Our team worked closely with its staff conducting interviews, charrettes and presentations. Together, our teams:

  • reviewed precedents
  • carefully researched leading edge design thinking with regards to educational design
  • reviewed and validated the design of the campus’ 20 buildings, parking and access.
  • reviewed architectural controls and the heritage aspects of the site building on previous studies.
  • researched how this fit within the context of Appleby’s specific culture, educational style and its objectives.

This discourse informed a forward-thinking 50 year plan built on the foundation of flexibility, including the College’s development approach designed to minimize the impact to the campus and students during these phased improvements. Our team developed a plan that includes:

  • repair and replacement of turf fields
  • the protection of the heritage aspects (size/scale) of buildings on the site
  • an integrated continuation of a rich landscape tradition connecting buildings on the campus
  • review of certain building uses (including an existing barn and pool)
  • the potential for re-purposing and ultimate development of a comprehensive program for a future athletics facility (a double and triple gym) to be tendered.

The master plan document has been used extensively by the College’s advancement team in its capital campaigns and fundraising, illustrating its vision for long-term educational leadership.  Further, the document informed the development in Appleby’s new athletics facility and defined projects that strongly established next steps in the campus development.


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Architecture, Conservation + Heritage, Interior Design, Master Planning



Team Leaders

Joanne McCallum
Drew Hauser

Partners & sub consultants

Seferain - Landscape Architecture
WSP Canada - Structural, Electrical, Civil, IT
Novita Techne - A/V Theatre
BTY Group - Cost Consultant
JSA Sport Architecture - Athletics Specialist