Hamilton, ON

Catharine & Forest

In December 2016, Effort Trust unveiled its vision for 117 Forest and 175 Catharine Street, when it submitted an application to the City of Hamilton for a Zoning amendment. Designed to accommodate a growing downtown population, the condominium development has been carefully structured to provide a range of various residential unit sizes and types in order to appeal to a wide range of individuals and families. The design is contemporary, while staying true to the materiality and authenticity of its surroundings.

The design includes a variety of units. 2,100 and 2,200 square foot, three-storey townhouses occupy the western portion of the site, and a mid-rise residential building is situated to the east with units that range from 680 and 900 square feet each.  Each townhouse and some first and second story mid-rise units are designed with their own private, outdoor amenity space.

The first storey of the mid-rise structure has a building footprint of 8,820 square feet, and it then steps back at upper levels in order to allow for the optimal proportion of glazing to bring daylight into the units and accommodate views without sacrificing thermal performance.  Between the two volumes a landscaped amenity space provides visual relief and allows for the softening of the contemporary structures by employing natural, indigenous vegetation.

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