Toronto, Ontario

Escarpment Cancer Research Institute

Plans for the Escarpment Cancer Research Institute (ECRI) represent how a healthcare space, by virtue of its functional program, can create an environment designed to spur invention and innovation.

ECRI is a planned joint research institute, a partnership between Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University. When constructed, it will bring together several strong, well-established and successful cancer research groups. Each group has been working independently. One at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. The second is working from McMaster University. A relatively new and emerging transitional research group working in various locations.

By creating one shared scientific environment, we create a dynamic interdisciplinary environment. It supports a more efficient use of shared research resources and infrastructure. The project, currently awaiting funding, has the potential to facilitate knowledge transfer, creative collisions and greater opportunity for collaboration of some of our city’s best medical minds.


Architecture, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering


Healthcare, Science & Research

Team Leaders

Joanne McCallum
Drew Hauser
Christina Karney

Partners & sub consultants

Kasian (Associate Architect)
Mantecon Partners - Structural, Electrical


22,000 SQ. FT.