Burlington, ON

Endress+Hauser – Client Experience Centre

Endress+Hauser Canada’s 47,000 SF, $28 million Client Experience Centre represents a changing attitude within the process automation industry. Designed by mcCallumSather, the two-storey, 47,000 square-foot new facility will target net zero energy, zero carbon designation and LEED Gold through the Canadian Green Building Council, the first private company in Canada to pursue this level of certification.

The new centre will feature the company’s second Process Training Unit (PTU) in Canada, in addition to other world-class customer features such as a calibration laboratory, an expanded workshop and a large training centre.

Working closely with the stakeholders, we designed responsive client facing areas, demonstration labs and specific calibration labs which showcase the company’s specialized equipment solutions. This combines with warehouse and logistical areas serving it Southern Ontario based clientele. Plans to achieve net zero energy and emissions include the integration of a high-performance building envelope, triple glazed curtain wall, and reflective roof with double-sided solar panels. At night, most electrically powered systems will be turned off rather than drawing standby power. The building environment will be maintained by heat pumps­ supplemented by a geothermal system. An exterior water feature will use the rainwater harvesting system, a visible reminder of the power of sustainable solutions.

The exceptionally sustainable structure is designed to exemplify its iconic brand. The space’s thoughtful design is specifically tied to defined cultural and business outcomes for the company, improving efficiency and driving tangible, long-term results for the client. An interesting added value, we created an interactive 3D Model which allows the team to virtually walk the space and to better understand the design as we discuss our options.

Inside of the building, the design team created an open plan concept incorporating interactive client zones, demonstration installations and calibration labs which showcase the company’s equipment solutions. Working with energy intensive environments, the design team collaborated with the Endress+Hauser team to intimately understand the facility usage and where energy savings may be achieved.

Working in a net zero facility involves change management and shifts in office culture. This facility offers Endress+Hauser a unique opportunity to educate employees and clients about their commitment to the environment and allows visitors to interact with buildings of the future.


47,000 SQ. FT.




Targeting Net Zero Energy, Zero Carbon Designation and LEED Gold