Green Acres Pool

In 2015, we revitalized the Green Acres Pool, creating a multi-generational, accessible free use facility in the heart of the City. The well used pool had served the community for over 50 years. To bring new life to the facility, the $2.4 million project included installation of a new heated pool, modern change house and splash pad.

Designed to be fully accessible, the new pool accommodates lengths areas at a 9ft depth, volleyball and basketball areas and a free play area with depths from 3.5 ft. to 4.5 ft.

The splash pad, located outside the pool enclosure, created a safe environment for children in the community and is another integral element to this public space. The new pool house, also fully accessible, featured a women’s, men’s and universal changing areas and washrooms to help accommodate a growing community with diverse requirements.

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Team Leaders

Greg Sather