Burlington, ON

Hadrian Manufacturing

Hadrian is an international manufacturer of lockers and washroom partitions, with a head office in Burlington, Ontario. Hadrian is in the process of adapting a new workplace model, which involves the integration of office and plant workers. Their original goal was to use the office as an extension of this new culture.

mcCallumSather advised Hadrian on how to best refresh and redesign its office to match this new culture and accommodate a growing staff.  With close collaboration including Hadrian’s owners, staff and other stakeholders, we carefully planned the space to create a safe environment more reflective of its brand. In Phase 1, we completed a Needs Assessment and Space Accommodation Study of the existing offices, including a questionnaire and one-on-one interviews to best understand the staff’s unique requirements. In the absence of existing furniture standards, we created new space and workstation standards and developed an accommodation strategy, one that will grow with the company for many years to come.

The project changed with the realization that they didn’t have the space required to meet their immediate goals within the current facility. It sparked a priority shift that we responded to by designing a space that supports their needs for the next five years, with the goal of finding a larger space on the horizon. Therefore, in Phase 2, we took the approved floor plan into design development and construction. Hadrian kept their existing perimeter offices while bringing more natural light into the workstation areas with the creative placement of new skylights. A product showcase area was created at the entry, and we rethought the entry experience with a dynamic look that’s more on-brand.

The result is a much more approachable office environment that is firmly focused on communicating its value to clients and a plan that sets the company up for success as it looks to its future expansion.

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