Kitchener, ON

Kitchener Public Library Southwest Branch

The new Southwest Community Library will be one of the first buildings in a newly planned neighbourhood in Kitchener, an area with a long history which has played an important part in the library’s overall design. As a branch of the Kitchener Public Library (KPL), the 14,000 SF, Net Zero design for the Southwest Library has been designed to represent inclusion, storytelling and sustainability.

The Southwest Community Library project is currently in-progress and recently presented to the Rosenberg community. From the early consultations to the latest community meeting, people’s excitement for the new library has been palpable. Our commitment to collaboration, learning and the future was woven into the project from the start, and the community has reciprocated. Listening to their feedback, our team paid special attention to how the Library relates to the surrounding parkland, as well as the adjacent school and community centre. We emphasize exterior gathering spaces, opportunities for outdoor programming, and shade elements to complement interior spaces. The library’s indoor programming space opens directly to a covered outdoor courtyard. Filled with native plantings and spaces for both gathering and quiet contemplation, this central courtyard elevates users’ experience.

From children to adults, the Southwest Community Library will provide focused areas of interest along with materials in a wide variety of formats. The Digital Media and Creation Spaces will provide people with access to digital and live studio production and programming. This space will be a high-tech space to support people learning new skills to produce digital content, music, and art. The Multipurpose Area, which will accommodate groups of varying sizes, is a flex area that can change to meet a range of programming needs. The multipurpose room also includes a demonstration kitchen. This collection of spaces has been specially planned for after-hour access to host events. In addition to these vibrant, dynamic spaces, a variety of Quiet Study and Group Rooms offer opportunities to support individual study or club use.



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14,000 SQ. FT.