Niagara Regional Housing

Working  with Niacon, our design build project for Niagara Regional Housing transformed the Carnegie Library at 5017 Victoria Ave. into much needed transitional housing serving surrounding communities.

The former library is a designated heritage building, a two storey structure that exemplified the Beaux-Arts Architectural style and originally constructed in 1910. The City sold the property to Niagara Regional Housing for $1, making way for the design and construction of transitional housing, including 21 bachelor housing suites, training kitchens and healthcare support services. The fast-tracked project saw construction complete in under 12 months, carefully controlling for budget and schedule success criteria clearly defined by the client.

Mechanical systems were redesigned for the building’s new use. A centralized, air-source heat pump roof top unit, complete with backup gas-fired heating, provides 100% outdoor air to all areas of the building. The system operates most of the year to provide heating and cooling to the building, only relying on natural gas backup heating system for a few weeks during the coldest times of the winter. This type of system setup minimizes the buildings use of natural gas and greatly reduces the building’s overall carbon footprint. New, high-efficiency boilers boast efficiencies of up to 96% and operate as a supplement to the main air system.

New materials were selected to complement the heritage materials used and new window were selected in coordination with local heritage authorities. Pre-finished metal siding for the mechanical and machine rooms was selected to match the pre-existing stair 1970s enclosure.


Architecture, Mechanical Engineering



Team Leaders

Drew Hauser
David Riley

Partners & sub consultants

Seguin Engineering — Electrical
Quinn Dressel Associates — Structural
MTE — Civil
Niacon — Prime Consultant/Contractor