Waterloo, ON

University of Waterloo Pursuit

Together with Carillion Canada, mcCallumSather completed a pursuit for a Design Build Contract with the University of Waterloo, for the New Science Building. As a team, we worked to refine the schematic design, prepare design development drawings and determine a budget for the project.

Our primary goals when developing the design for the New Science Building were to maintain the functional relationships developed by the client and “shadow” LEED Canada Silver 2009.

Through the extensive integrated development and coordination of building structure, building services and mechanical systems, the design reoriented several rooms and spaces whilst maintaining the important adjacencies developed by the client. These changes minimize shoring impacts and attempt to reduce exiting distance and code complications.

The exterior greenspace was connected to the adjacent buildings through a series of pathways and gardens sensitive to weather and location near the campus roadway. The landscaping provides a focus for users visible from the student study lounge and lobby on the second floor.  The design was intended to be simple and easy to maintain, taking advantage of native grasses and plants that require minimal watering.

The main public entries incorporate deep overhangs and additional glazing to emphasize their location on the façade and an enhanced opportunity to showcase campus signage. The entries are accessible and open into the high atrium spaces that define the building edge. The public spaces and corridors were designed for durability and ease of maintenance.

The exterior building materials wrap themselves into the new atriums complimenting the existing building and emphasizing the verticality of the newly formed space. Acoustical considerations were implemented into the public areas to mitigate sound transmission and architecturally enhance these important spaces, which include the atriums and classrooms.

Glazing in the main corridors and stairwells created strong visual connections, transparency and natural light. We incorporated the prescribed materials from the compliancy document to ensure finishes were easy to maintain and long lasting, while giving great consideration to colour choices that engage users and reflect imagery associated with science and research.

The mcCallumSather/Carillion team was proud to present a building design that met the design requirements and program aspirations of the tender documents, as well as providing a safe, low maintenance and energy efficient building.


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