August 15th, 2018

The Boris Clinic

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The Boris Clinic, Academic Medicine Outpatient Clinic, the design of the MAAC and Diabetes Clinics is based on a new model of healthcare delivery derived from Cleveland Clinic process. McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences opened the outpatient clinic to provide innovative care for adults by placing several medical specialties under one roof within a clinical teaching unit.

The concept was to provide a comprehensive one shop patient experience, where physicians for both general internal medicine and internal medicine specialists are integrated into one ambulatory clinic in conjunction with allied professionals, researchers and learners.

We designed generic modules that coordinate with the existing building structure. We planned a grid and numerous muster rooms, integrated throughout the clinic, fostering interaction between professionals. We shaped an innovative facility programme with shared common facilities. It reduced inefficiencies and maximizes the opportunity for creative collisions and collaboration among staff. The space includes exam rooms, meeting rooms, offices, research, treatment areas, consultation rooms, patient teaching rooms, resource rooms and administration areas.

We accommodated the facilities more formalized teaching and research program within the design and accounted for higher acuity services in an outpatient setting, providing ambulatory facilities on the fourth floor of the McMaster University Medical Clinic.

By opening the building envelope, we changed the entire feel of the space. The facility had been enclosed by heavy concrete walls and was dark as a result. Recognizing how in congruent that was with our objectives, we opened the walls and exposed the view beyond. The environment is now filled with natural light and exterior views are mirrored in the interior design.