May 27th, 2020

Connecting to the designed environment

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Our connection to the designed environment profoundly impacts our behaviour and relationships. This World Interiors Month is different. As we celebrate, we reflect upon or ability to quickly adapt to our new surroundings over the past few months, we have demonstrated that our connection to interior design remains resilient.

The celebration of World Interiors Month encourages people around the world to consider the ways in which design shapes human behaviour. This year’s theme explores this through the lens of Nexus Interiors, how interior design plays a vital role in connecting our everyday lives.

Today, connection is more important than ever. As we have adapted to social distancing regulations and spend more time within our own spaces, our connection to both our space and other people has drastically changed. We have learned to connect in different ways, using technology to connect with loved ones, sprucing up our spaces to make them more comfortable and efficient, and transforming spaces to ensure safety for those around us. Our built environment profoundly impacts our daily lives, and we have demonstrated our resilience as we continue to adapt to these changing spaces.

mcCallumSather’s Interior Design team understand the importance of connection, coupling form and function with aspiring design. These thoughtful designs connect with our clients’ mission and user needs, from providing comfort, inspiring innovation, or promoting productivity. Our team understands how to push the boundaries on interior design, shaping relationships and human behaviour through the built environment. Our sustainable, durable and intelligent design solutions lend to a broad range of spaces that exemplify the connection between the science of design and the aesthetics of the space.

This World Interiors Month, we have considered the relationships that make up our interior spaces, the links and wider network of interior design’s influence and continue to appreciate our ability to connect and adapt to a changing environment.