March 4th, 2019

Celebrate Earth Day

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The building industry sees increased risks in the face of climate change, contributing to nearly half of the nation’s CO2 emissions.

At mcCallumSather, we recognize this, ensuring not only that our designs function as well as they look, but that vital sustainability measures are taken to reduce our designs’ emissions.

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our mission and remains to be one of our core beliefs. Our focus on social, financial and environmental sustainability has proven to result in beautiful, sustainable facilities that consume significantly less energy, while remaining excellent spaces to live, work and play.

We know that even the smallest change could make the world of a difference, which is why we ensure that we practice our sustainable mission throughout our daily operations. Our firm tries to reduce our footprint wherever and whenever possible. Read more about how below!

Sustainable transportation

We incentivize carpooling, public transportation and bike riding to work. mcCallumSather offers Sobi Hamilton memberships subsidies for employees and spouses.

Support local

We do all that we can to support Hamilton’s incredible culinary scene. From ensuring our events are catered by local restaurants to buying coffee beans from a local roaster, we’re pleased to support our local economy while limiting our carbon footprint. Here are some of our favourite local caterers!

541 Eatery & Exchange

Redchurch Café + Gallery


CityFarm Catering

Save energy

Our new, 10,000 ft2 work space in the former Westinghouse Building is a showcase in sustainable design within a heritage context, and a real-world example of how a modern, collaborative workspace can function.

Compared to a more traditional office environment, the design has resulted in a projected energy saving of 54%. We are targeting a LEED Platinum certification for commercial interiors, making it one of the most sustainable offices in Hamilton.

Paper usage

We provide multiple areas around the work space to recycle paper, plastic, glass, metal and composts. Within our new office, there are no assigned offices or desks. All staff use individual laptops to hot-desk within the facility, resulting in an 80% reduction in paper usage since we moved into the space.

Bullfrog powered

Our company is officially “bullfrogpowered”—meaning we choose 100% renewable energy for some of our operations. Bullfrog is Canada’s leading renewable energy provider, working with over 1,500 businesses across the country!

Find out more information on how you can reduce your office’s carbon footprint and take action on climate change here.