Hamilton, ON

Path to Zero


The City of Hamilton’s goal was to develop a decarbonization plan called The Pathway to Net Zero for Corporate Buildings. With the detailed information they have on its approximately 400 facilities, there was an opportunity to analyze this data and to provide meaningful direction with regards to incentives, policy/standards, and training, all which would support its net-zero 2050 objective.


Without carbon reduction measures, the current portfolio of City Corporate Buildings is expected to emit approximately 18,000 tone eCO2. In a strategy that aligns with the City’s current asset replacement schedule, the pathway developed included a four tier strategy that explored scheduled load reductions which would achieve 20% reductions in annual emissions by 2050; a Schedule Load Reductions with Mechanical Measures that would achieve 72% reductions in annual emissions; additional electrification that could result in an 88% reduction and finally the introduction of offset strategies to reduce emissions by 100%.


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Mary Georgious
Willems Ransom
Joanne McCallum

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