August 8th, 2023

Her Excellency, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Visits Empowerment Squared

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In June of this year, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf visited Empowerment Squared in an event featuring the progress on the Liberian Learning Centre.

As President of Liberia in 2006, Madam Sirleaf faced the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding a country that had been ravaged by civil war. Madam Sirleaf made a call to supporters and development partners to see Liberia as a “laboratory for innovation,” with an emphasis on bringing projects to life through public and private partnerships. The Liberian Learning Centre is a part of that vision.

Willems Ransom, Principal at mcCallumSather provided an overview of Phase 1 – the first building – of the Liberian Learning Center. He shared that the architecture of the building complements the surrounding urban environment, creating moments of visual interest while being respectful of neighbouring architecture. Phase 1’s exterior form and design strikes a careful balance between modern elegance and traditional design. Wood accents and large glass windows complement the building’s exterior masonry walls and allow visibility into the building’s courtyard, conveying a sense of warmth and accessibility.

Madam Sirleaf’s historic visit to Hamilton and Empowerment Squared are a notable milestone on the road to the development of the Liberian Learning Center. Madam Sirleaf reiterated the importance of the center to the future of Liberia, and its alignment to the past and ongoing leadership work in developing the country. Phase 1 of the Liberian Learning Center is expected to open in 2024.

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