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Niagara College’s New Greenhouse Breaks Ground, Fueling Innovation in Horticultural and Environmental Research

We are excited to share news of the groundbreaking for one of our latest projects, a state-of-the-art greenhouse at Niagara College. The project marks a significant milestone in advancing horticultural and environmental research and education. The news was shared in local Niagara news, generating anticipation and excitement within the community.

Quoting President Sean Kennedy from The Standard: “It is an exciting time for Niagara College as we break ground on a new, cutting-edge greenhouse that will support advancements in applied research and new, hands-on student learning opportunities.” This groundbreaking project showcases Niagara College’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the horticultural and environmental sciences.

The new greenhouse, strategically located behind the current teaching greenhouse at the Daniel J. Patterson campus, will serve as the cornerstone of the Horticultural and Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre (HESIC). By meeting the increasing demands for applied research services from the industry, this new facility, in conjunction with the existing teaching greenhouse, will provide an expanded learning environment and novel opportunities for students in Niagara’s School of Environment and Horticulture.

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