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OAA Sustainable Design Case Study – Waterloo North Hydro

Waterloo North Hydro’s has a well-defined vision – contribute to the sustainable prosperity and success of its community. In 2012, when mcCallumSather built its new Administration and Service Centre on a previously developed site on the Northern edge of the city, we ensured all aspects of the integrated design reflected its vision. The success of the design for this award winning project has helped WNH shine as a corporate leader and exemplified the ever increasing importance creating responsible, livable landscapes.

The new 100,000 square foot, two-storey structure is designed in two sections. One section houses the administration offices, meeting rooms and public reception areas. The second section provides storage for line trucks, an operations control room and a vehicle repair garage for the entire Waterloo North Hydro fleet. We balanced secure areas within the facility, with public, open spaces designed for greater community engagement.

Our full consultant team and WNH stakeholders contributed to the inclusive integrated design process and assisted in the development of thoughtful success criteria which guided the team’s work from inception to project close. This collaboration contributed to the creation of a building that remains sensitive to the site and the area’s natural resources.

The design incorporates geothermal heating and cooling system and a storm water management pond. We paid special attention to the building envelope, creating a high performance, well insulated shell. There are shower and locker room facilities to encourage its employees to commute and thants to innovative wastewater diversion technology, we reduced the potable wastewater usage by 100 per cent. Throughout the building, visitors will find re-used materials salvaged from the previous site, and we successfully diverted 75 per cent of the demolition waste from the landfill. The building is LEED Silver Certified and has contributed to annual energy cost savings of approximately 45 per cent.

Key aspects of the project

  • Site work included roads and parking, utilities and services, landscaping, storm water management, security fences, signage and physical security design, and site security systems
  • On site traffic access points for service vehicles and pedestrian/staff access
  • Parking design for visitors, program vehicles, handicap users and persons with disabilities
  • Developed in consultation with the client a move plan and coordinated the relocation and the phased move-ins
  • Determined requirements for the furnishings and equipment
  • Reviewed furniture equipment layouts with the client and determined the most suitable locations for furniture
  • Prepared a design for sun control and office privacy throughout the building
  • Designed floor plan and program to allow for design flexibility and future changes in staff requirements, technology and space needs
  • Low maintenance costs of the building through durable finishes, efficient HVAC systems, variable controls, use of passive heating and cooling, and lighting

Our scope

  • Complete resolution of all features within development area, future development identified
  • Careful delineation/separation of service vehicles and visitor/staff areas
  • Located close to building with full identification
  • Extensive move coordination of six different departments and over 100 employees
  • Completed an inventory of existing furniture and equipment from the original facility
  • Prepared plans and reviewed with client
  • Designed pre-manufactured exterior shades at south and west windows; interior blinds provide privacy
  • Stone and pre-finished metal panels; integrated control with HVAC and lighting

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