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Coppley exterior


Coppley Manufacturing Ltd., a historic manufacturer based in downtown Hamilton for over 130 years, faced the challenge of upgrading their manufacturing facilities to better suit modern needs while remaining true to their heritage. They needed a new facility at 107 MacNab St. N., close to their original historic location. The key challenge was to design a building that not only met contemporary manufacturing requirements but also celebrated the craftsmanship and tradition that are central to Coppley’s brand.

The design was inspired by the craftspeople at the heart of Coppley’s operations. The building features a sophisticated palette of materials, including honed finished grey block and polished charcoal concrete block at the base. The windows are set off against two types of metal siding: a bright silver bent chevron profile and a secondary rounded corrugated profile in a charcoal shade. These materials are layered to evoke the layering of a suit, providing a dynamic and textured quality to the façade.

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