Guelph, ON

Linamar iHub


Dubbed the “iHub”, this 2-storey combined office and industrial innovation centre located in Guelph, Ontario was designed in collaboration with Tacoma Engineers for the locally based manufacturing corporation Linamar. A key objective of the design was for the building’s exterior to be expressive of the future focused product development and manufacturing process innovation that takes place within.


The building’s modern cladding palette comprises silver mica aluminum panels, dark grey brick masonry, corrugated metal siding, and glass curtainwall. A combination of careful massing and strategically placed horizontal and vertical sunshades function to decrease solar heat gain and reduce demand for mechanical cooling. In addition to engineering office and industrial innovation space, the building also features expansive fitness and wellness areas for Linamar staff.




Industrial, Workplace

Team Leaders

Michael Trussell

Partners & sub consultants

Tacoma Engineers - Structural
RM Montgomery Engineering - Mechanical, Electrical
Newton Group - Construction


54,770 SQ. FT.