Hamilton, ON

Diagnostic Imaging Inter-Vascular Suite

The Hamilton Health Sciences, 2,000 SF Diagnostic Imaging Inter-Vascular Suite is now one of two Canadian sites featuring this specific specialized Phillips equipment. The $2.5 million renovation involved intensive coordination to ensure the architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural systems supported the complex environmental requirements for optimum operation of the equipment.

Building system requirements paralleled the requirements of an operating room. The Suite is served by a dedicated air handling unit providing 100% fresh air. In the patient recovery head wall and IVR suite, low level returns were installed in conjunction with the infrastructure required to serve each of the three recovery bays. Functionally, it meets the standards of a critical care environment, with a complex network of equipment connected to interlacing tracks across the ceiling that give the room its unique flexibility. Our scope included additional administration areas, a drug control room, scrub sinks and a control room.

The project demanded a coordinated effort and significant research in order to understand how the new equipment would work, including its systems and specifications. This included the coordination and installation off 11 rods and struts, railings, cable trays and lighting in conjunction with laminar flow diffusers and sprinklers into the existing ceiling with limited area available due to existing infrastructure.



Architecture, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering



Team Leaders

Joanne McCallum
Mary Georgious
Kevin Van Hartingsveldt

Partners & sub consultants

Seguin Engineering Inc.
Mantecon Partners Inc.


1,876 SQ. FT.