Hamilton, Ontario

Labour & Delivery Department

The Labour & Delivery Department at McMaster University Medical Centre provides a specialized healthcare environment for high risk pregnancies and delivery.

In 2012, during the reconfiguration of the space formerly occupied by an adult population, we advised the facility on the design and construction of this unique and sensitive environment. The renovation addressed out of date infrastructure and brought the space up to current building code. In the process, we provided solutions for evolving technological needs, accessibility, infection control and functional issues. The addition of an infant resuscitation space for the department augmented an existing delivery operating room and accommodates high-risk multiple births (up to quadruplets).

We implemented a complex phasing strategy to meet demanding timelines and allow normal operations to proceed without interruption. Each phase had multiple stages to hoard off specific areas during the demolition and construction to ensure that the other areas were unaffected by construction and still able to function normally. Priority one was to maintain tertiary level care facilities including operating rooms, during entire duration of project.

The new department is thoughtfully programmed. It includes an intensive care unit, post anesthesia care unit, two step-down units and expanded an infant resuscitation space. Its design was specifically chosen, with a welcoming, bright and comforting environment for its patients. Little touches make it more comfortable for waiting friends and family, including the integration of wi-fi connectivity that allows visitors to keep in touch with those waiting for news.


Architecture, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management



Team Leaders

Joanne McCallum
Joanne McCallum

Kevin Van Hartingsveldt


12,000 SQ. FT.