Hamilton, ON

Gage Park Greenhouse


Gage Park is a year-round home for the City of Hamilton’s horticultural programs, located in a network of greenhouse facilities within the Heritage Park. Part of its program includes the cultivation of a large collection of tropical plantings and several varieties of palm trees which had outgrown its 6,200 sq. ft. footprint. By expanding the greenhouse, there was potential to expand the greenhouse’s public programming and create a unique, accessible experience.


Inspired by the heritage greenhouses of the 19th century, large Glulam wooden beams frame the addition which connects with the network of greenhouses on the site. Its orientation intentionally frames escarpment views and connects with the historic park. An in-door walking path and seating pavers to engage visitors. Having tripled the height of the former structure, palm trees have reached new heights and immerse visitors within the collection of thriving subtropical plants. Colonies of buttonquail and diamond doves act as pest control, eliminating the need for pesticides, while turtle and koi ponds support a complex, enclosed ecosystem all its own.


18,000 SQ. FT.


2019 Hamilton Urban Design Awards - Award of Excellence for Public Buildings