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The Phoenix Pub & Restaurant Awarded for Heritage Conservation

The Phoenix was awarded the Award celebrating the Heritage Conversion of the Gothic designed Refectory Building.

The Building is one of five historically designated buildings located on the McMaster University Campus. It originally opened its doors in 1930, and was first a “Dining Hall” and Central Plant. It was later deemed a property of “Cultural Heritage Value” in 2008. The heritage designated components consist of the exterior brick masonry and stone work, slate roof, windows, grounds, interior plaster and lathe along the exterior walls in the “Dining Hall”, wood trim and interior vaulted ceiling within the “Dining Hall” and cannot be altered without Heritage overview

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) now owns and operates the Phoenix Restaurant/Pub at McMaster University. Previously, both the restaurant and the GSA offices were in a building that was slated to be demolished. In 2007, MSA was hired to develop a plan and construction budget for the relocation of the two facilities. In 2010, after several iterations, the design was moved forward and the offices and restaurant were relocated to the Refectory Building which was being used as a lecture hall and examination venue.

The design concept was to create a space that highlighted the beautiful heritage architecture with a modern multi-functional dining/pub experience. The work included an entire interior renovation with a new commercial kitchen, new mechanical and electrical systems, and an updated exterior patio.