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Architectural Partners on the Biindigen Well-Being Centre Announced

mcCallumSather, David T. Fortin Architect and Parkin Architects Have Been Announced as the Architectural Partners on the Biindigen Well-Being Centre in Hamilton, ON

Hamilton, ON – June 6, 2024 – The Biindigen Well-Being Centre will be the new home to De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre, Niwasa Kendaaswin Teg and Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services. Located in the McQuesten Neighborhood, with a 6% Indigenous population, the Biindigen Well-Being Centre is designed to cater to the community’s diverse needs as a health center, residential development and a community center.

The centre is set to usher in a new era of wellness, care, and community engagement, symbolizing a significant step towards reconciliation. This project embodies the essence of collaboration, sustainability, and cultural preservation. We look forward to bringing to life a space that celebrates Indigenous culture while warmly embracing everyone. The Biindigen Well-Being Centre will be a testament to the strength of community care.” – Joanne McCallum, Executive Director and Principal at mcCallumSather.

At its core, the Biindigen Well-Being Centre is an Indigenous-led facility offering integrated health, family, social and housing services and supports dedicated to serving the Indigenous community.

Recognizing that the McQuesten neighbourhood is in need of Primary Care Services, De dwa da dehs nye>s has invited McMaster University Department of Family Medicine to offer additional primary care services to ensure all residents in the neighborhood have access to Primary Care. This initiative provides a platform for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations to converge, bridging systems of knowledge and fostering a place of hope, healing, and outreach.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the Biindigen Centre strives to minimize its ecological footprint. One of the design team’s primary objectives will be to employ the site’s rich natural resources and passive design approaches to reduce energy demand and promotes water reuse. It also prioritizes the restoration of Indigenous landscapes, reinforcing its connection with the natural environment, and the commitment to preserving the valuable work of the McQuesten Urban Farm with whom it will share its site.

This project is founded on a collaborative approach, tapping into the insights, expertise, and experiences of all involved parties. mcCallumSather’s deep understanding and long history of sustainable design, David T. Fortin Architect’s Indigenous design leadership, healthcare focus from Parkin Architects, and SpruceLab’s knowledge of ecological restoration and Indigenous co-design underlines the project’s authenticity and commitment to Indigenous values.  Landwise will continue to represent the Biindigen partnership as the professional land use planners

“What is most inspiring about this project is the Biindigen community-led vision for a project that embodies and celebrates their values and commitment to collective health and prosperity.  This provides the foundation for a very special kind of place that will integrate Indigenous-led healing and teaching practices that respect and honour the Land, while serving the community for many generations to come.” – David T. Fortin, Architect, David T. Fortin.

Parkin is honoured to be participating in this exciting project to create a new community hub that will promote Indigenous healthcare.  We look forward to working with our partners to develop a healing environment through integration of traditional and modern medicine with the revitalization of an urban site.” – Brent Whiteley, Principal, Parkin Architects Limited.

“This exciting Indigenous-led, holistic initiative will be an incredible opportunity to help connect people to each other and to Mother Earth, showing this is possible even within an urban environment. Restoring ecosystems and community go hand in hand, as even the design process is healing, imagining what can be, what should be. The SpruceLab team is honoured to be able to support this incredible work.” – Sheila Boudreau, Principal Landscape Architect + Planner with SpruceLab.

We are very excited to be working with the expanded consulting team on this project” – Terri Johns, President and Founder and Katelyn Gillis, Senior Planner at Landwise.

The Biindigen Well-Being Centre seeks to create an environment that honors Indigenous culture while remaining open and welcoming to everyone.

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