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Biindigen Well-Being Centre

The McQuesten neighborhood in Hamilton, which includes a 6% Indigenous population, faced a critical need for integrated health, family, social, and housing services that honor Indigenous culture and traditions. Recognizing this gap, De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre, Niwasa Kendaaswin Teg, and Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services saw an opportunity to enhance community well-being through a collaborative approach. The challenge was to create a comprehensive, culturally appropriate hub that would not only provide essential services but also creating a sense of belonging and connection to the land.

The Biindigen Well-Being Centre is designed to cater to the community’s diverse needs as a health center, residential development and a community center. McMaster University Department of Family Medicine has been invited to offer additional primary care services to ensure all residents in the neighborhood have access to Primary Care. This initiative provides a platform for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations to converge, bridging systems of knowledge and creating a place of hope, healing, and outreach.

One of the primary objectives of the design is to employ the site’s rich natural resources and passive design approaches to reduce energy demand and promote water reuse. The design also prioritizes the restoration of Indigenous landscapes, reinforcing its connection with the natural environment, and the commitment to preserving the valuable work of the McQuesten Urban Farm with whom it will share its site.

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