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Liz Gabaldo

Senior Associate, Interior Design Lead

Liz Gababldo

Liz Gabaldo, a Senior Associate at mcCallumSather, brings over 35 years of experience and widespread recognition for her exceptional talent in crafting beautiful interiors that capture the unique identities of her clients. Her approach is marked by tailored precision, ensuring her designs resonate on a deeply personal level while being aesthetically pleasing and functionally aligned.

Her portfolio spans workspace, commercial, and retail sectors, as well as single-family homes, where she skillfully shapes brand identities and curates reflections of families. Liz’s designs seamlessly embody the way her clients live, work, and play, showcasing her creative problem-solving abilities.

Liz’s keen eye for detail and her commitment to creating personalized, functional spaces have earned her a reputation as a trusted authority in interior design. Her contributions continue to enhance mcCallumSather’s reputation for innovative and client-focused design solutions.

Diploma, Interior Design, Humber College

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