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MS Headquarters and Fleet Service Centre in waterloo

Region of Waterloo

Emergency Medical Services Headquarters

The Region of Waterloo faced the challenge of constructing an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) facility that would not only serve its administrative, staff, and vehicular needs but also set a new standard for sustainable building practices. With a vision to create an environmental prototype, the region aimed to lead by example in sustainable design, particularly in the public sector. The key challenge was to incorporate advanced green technologies and sustainable building practices while ensuring the facility met the operational needs of an EMS center. The project also sought to achieve significant environmental impact, influencing future regional policies on sustainable building.

The EMS facility became the first LEED Gold Certified building under the Canada Green Building Council in Canada. It integrated photo-voltaic panels, hydronic in-floor heating, energy recovery ventilators, displacement ventilation, desiccant dehumidification, and a rainwater cistern. The project diverted over 75% of construction waste from landfills, used over 20% recycled content in materials, and sourced over 30% regionally. This success led the regional council to mandate a minimum LEED Silver standard for all new municipal buildings.

Project Facts

  • Markets
  • Services
  • Location

    Waterloo, Ontario

  • Size

    22,000 sq. ft.

  • Sustainability

    LEED Gold Certified

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