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Hauser Furniture, Burlington Location

The existing building at 1273 Plains Rd. W. sits in a prime, roadside location and throughout the years had seen various uses over the last several years. Uninviting, clad with stucco on the front façade, the owners were also challenged with aged systems. It was looking for a retail location that allowed its elegant, timeless style to shine through.

The renovations updated and re-designed the building’s aged insulation system with spray foam, adding metal paneling. The interiors are minimalist, providing a blank canvas for the furniture to be on display. The natural wood paneling behind the reception desk speaks to the Hauser brand on a fundamental level. Sections of the original wooden floor were salvaged whilst others were replaced with polished concrete flooring offering a high gloss, reflective finish. Outside, a furniture display space is planned for the existing courtyard area.

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