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Something in the Water

The owners of Something in the Water envisioned a new micro brewery and tap room for its Liberty Street location. The owner referred to the space as “the first and flagship brewery, bottle shop and café” for its expanding company. With architects Green Propeller in place for the design, the team saw the opportunity to connect the complex mechanical systems with the décor, giving patrons transparency to the workings of the brewery.

The mechanical systems were coordinated with the Brew Master, given the close interrelationship between systems and processes for the success of a brewery. This included a specialized design for the potable and non-potable water, steam, glycol and drainage systems. An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) system was integrated to manage air quality between the brewery and diners. The chiller system used for crash cooling was not CSA certified, therefore the project expanded to validate the selection, design and layout of this system and successfully certify it for use.

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