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Matt Bolen

Managing Principal

Matt Bolen

Matt Bolen, a Managing Principal at mcCallumSather, is immersed in combining his deep understanding of conventional construction with advanced research and innovative development initiatives. With a focus on multi-residential building design, Matt’s expertise bridges across small-scale urban infill, mid-rise, and multi-phased high-rise development. His leadership is pivotal in addressing the complex challenges of residential design, ranging from supportive housing and affordable housing to rental properties, market properties, and high-end condo developments.

Licensed as an Architect with the Ontario Association of Architects and certified as a Passive House Designer, Matt’s passion lies in leveraging innovative techniques such as mass timber, DFMA panelization, modular construction, and high-performance design to create sustainable and functional built forms. His commitment to socially responsible architecture is evident through his diverse portfolio of impactful projects, including CLT (cross-laminated timber) affordable housing developments, rapid housing initiatives for supportive services, and mixed-use adaptive reuse projects.

In addition to his role at mcCallumSather, Matt contributes to the academic community as a lecturer and adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. A graduate of Waterloo Architecture, his Master’s thesis focused on the urban revitalization of mid-sized cities, using Kitchener-Waterloo as a case study, further highlighting his dedication to urban development and revitalization. Matt’s expertise and innovative approach continue to shape the future of residential architecture.

Master of Architecture
University of Waterloo, Cambridge, ON

Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies, University of Waterloo, Cambridge, ON

Architecture, Residential

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