Drew Hauser

Director, Design & Business Development

Hons. Vis. Arts, B.Arch., OAA, FRAIC, AIA, CAHP

Drew is director here at mcCallumSather. He is passionate about shaping environments that put our clients’ business and research objectives at the forefront, and has been instrumental in providing award-winning design solutions that establish a precedent or prototype. They are buildings that push the limits, are carefully tailored to our clients’ financial goals, while challenging pre-conceived notions.

Drew leads the firm’s design initiatives for both institutional and private-sector clients, including research facilities, multi-unit, high-rise developments, education, transportation and institutional projects. With more than 20 years of experience, he consistently demonstrates his ability to develop complex programmes and ground breaking designs, in a way that delivers results.

With a Canadian Association of Heritage Professional Designation (CAHP), Drew works with the owners and stewards of historic sites to ensure our cultural heritage is preserved and protected. He has worked with many private and institutional clients providing design and planning that protects and sustains our heritage assets for future generations.


Architecture, Conservation + Heritage, Project Management


One Of A Kind


White paper: Lessons Learned


Bachelor of Architecture, Carleton University, Ottawa
Alpha Rho Chi
Study Abroad, Greece and Rome
Study Abroad, University of Pretoria School of Architecture, Pretoria, South Africa
Academic Bursary, Carleton University
Honours Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of Western Ontario, London